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The Taipei Shopping District Carnival is the most vibrant and buzzing shopping exhibition event in Taipei City, being held at the Yuanshan Plaza of Taipei Expo Park with this year's theme, " Exploring Times of Taipei"! The event showcases the “Iconic/Innovation” aspects of Taipei's shopping districts, inviting the public to appreciate the unique charm of featured shopping district stores! The event will feature various stalls and booth areas, including a booth area with must-buy specialty items, an interactive stage area where entertaining performances are held and an experiential area where visitors can create one-of-a-kind handicraft products. The event features a wide range of activities that bring together the distinctive characteristics of Taipei's major shopping districts. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! In addition, after completing on-site point collection missions, you can participate in lucky draws at the service counter. What’s more, over 10,000 exciting prizes, including cash coupons and store discount vouchers, await you! Furthermore, lucky winners will be drawn from those who have completed the missions for special prizes such as consumer electronics and household appliances!










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